What is contemplative computing?

  • Contemplative computing may sound like an oxymoron, but it's really quite simple. It's about how to use information technologies and social media so they're not endlessly distracting and demanding, but instead help us be more mindful, focused and creative.

    My book on contemplative computing, The Distraction Addiction, was published by Little, Brown and Co. in 2013, and is available in bookstores and online. This 2011 talk is a good introduction to the project and its big ideas.

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who is weirder about neuroscience than neuroscientists?

totally married to a backwards model in terms of consciousness, phrenology 2.0 with their locationism, addicted to english and the allied clunky western concepts for the subtleties of mind and awareness, and deeply critical of anyone who posits anything outside the ambit of reductionist mechanics.

such jokers.

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