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Yes - and to further complicate things, my toddler's favourite games on the tablet involve spatial skills, and replicate analog toys such as building blocks and jigsaw puzzles. Plus, in my observation, they are developing other kinds of fine motor skills.

Which is not to say we're going to be throwing out the wooden blocks, lego, and crayons anytime soon - just that I'm skeptical of the claims that things are so black and white.

(I'd also dispute the claim that screen-based toys and games can't teach perseverance. My little guy has shown a great deal of patience acquiring the new skills he needed to master his favourite games.)

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

I'm skeptical that anyone is seeing kids REALLY don't know "how to hold a pen or pencil." Is this "hold" in the sense of literally pick up and manipulate? Hold in the sense of wield "correctly" between index and middle finger and thumb? I think I'll drop her a line and find out.

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